31 March 2009

Poor Mary

UPDATE: New song lyrics by LKS: "Jesus, Jesus, strummin' on the old banjo."
Funny. I can picture Jesus playing the banjo.

Lucy's song (to the tune of Mary had a little lamb):

"Mary had some trouble with her dress, trouble with her dress, trouble with her dress...

Mary had a little trouble, a little trouble, a little trouble...

Mary had some trouble with her purse, trouble with her purse, trouble with her purse...

Mary had some trouble with her mom, trouble with her mom, trouble with her mom..."

What a life for poor old Mary! And I sincerely hope this is not a taste of things to come between Lucy and me.

29 March 2009

Lord's Supper, Part 1

Today during the Lord's Supper we read this as a congregation:

Minister: Christ calls the bread his body and the cup his blood, or the new covenant in his blood.

Congregation: Christ has good reason for these words. He wants to teach us that as bread and wine nourish our temporal life, so too his crucified body and poured-out blood truly nourish our souls for eternal life. But more important, he wants to assure us, by this visible sign and pledge, that we, through the Holy Spirit's work, share in his true body and blood as surely as our mouths receive these holy signs in his remembrance, and that all of his suffering and obedience are as definitely ours as if we personally had suffered and paid for our sins.
(from Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 79)

As we were reading, out of nowhere came tears at the truths expressed here. I had to whisper the last few lines, as I was all choked up. The Lord's Supper has become so precious to me, so dear, so necessary. I always take as big a piece of bread as I can get away with, because I need A LOT of Jesus. I'm so grateful for the Supper. He loves us so. And I look forward to the Great Supper of the Lamb. I can hardly believe that I'm invited.

26 March 2009


Last night Theo was having some struggles and was feeling quite sad. As he sobbed, Lucy said, "I think that Jesus is really sad about Theo right now."

A bit later, at dinner, Lucy wanted to give him some words of affirmation so this is what she came up with: "Theo...you are a famous hero!"


Theo: "Lord, please give us powers so that we can read the Bible in 30 seconds. And give us the green light to teach the people about you."

Clayton: "And, Lord, I pray that our church will get solar panels."

21 March 2009

The truth hurts

Lucy has had some real zingers in the last couple of days.


This morning:

Theo: "Where is Mom?
Lucy: "Mama is getting her hair done."
Theo: "Oh, how did you know that, Lucy?"
Lucy: "Because it is not looking good."

So obvious.

Then yesterday, Lucy told John that Mom is "usually" angry. This was after they dropped me off at an appointment and I expressed my frustration at being late. John says that he responded, "Well, she's not usually angry. Just sometimes angry, like anybody."
Lucy said, "No. All the time."

Lucy also reprimands me when I express frustration with other drivers or even with myself.
"Mom, that is a mean wohd [word]."

Y'all. I am just keeping it real. For those of you who do not yet have kids...just wait!

And if you do have kids...have mercy. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

19 March 2009

The Boston Public Library

Yesterday Lucy and I met our friend, Nicole, in Copley Square for lunch (It was so great to be with you, Nic!). Afterward, I decided we should take a quick field trip into the main branch of the Boston Public Library, as I'd never been inside. I love libraries.

The building is beautiful inside! It is full of marble staircases, statues, art, soaring ceilings and, of course, books. Two huge statues of lions flank the central staircase, and Lucy was a bit frightened.
"Can we get away from the lions?" She also wanted me to carry her past them.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

Lucy ended the day with a little face and hand painting. Theo helped her put on the finishing touches. I knew it was going on, but I didn't stop them because they were having so much fun!

12 March 2009

Morning is no friend of his

Theo's FIRST question this morning when I went in to wake him up:

(Groaning) "WHEN is school going to blow up?!?!"

11 March 2009

Why is it so quiet in here?

UPDATE: The silence is broken. Now Lucy is singing at the top of her lungs, "I need a nap! I just can't take anymore!" (a duet by Weird Al Yankovic and Kate Winslet, if you can believe it)

I'm making a hasty dinner (this afternoon did not go as expected) and I realize that it is PERFECTLY QUIET in the house.

John is out at a meeting.

There are no Nerf dart wars going on. I don't hear any body slams coming from upstairs. No music is playing (the boys are addicted to John's 80s box set). There are no chirps coming from Lucy. No fights. No screams. Nothing.

"What is everyone DOING?" I mutter.

No one in the living room. No sound from upstairs. I peek in the family room and find all four lounging and reading (well, Lucy is eating a pear slice while she lounges next to Clay). Magical moment.

Morning Light

Here is the shadow cast on the the kitchen counter where the computer sits. I love that the morning sun shines into our kitchen. I also like our red counter tops. How did they know I love a red and white kitchen?!

These are the funky Zimbabwean chicken egg cups casting the shadow. Brought to us by our dear friends, Craig, Mell, Dean and Brett. I can't mention Zimbabwe without asking you to pray for that country. I don't have a great link to post so you know what's going on there, but you can have a look. Lord, have mercy.

The Loving Jar

Lately I've been feeling a certain lack of love between the siblings here. This has manifested itself in little things, like shoving past each other on the stairs, taking the last of something for one's self instead of asking if someone else would like it, not holding the door for others. This is not to mention the big ways we don't love each other, like calling names and teasing. We've had sins of omission and commission, plenty to go around.

So I decided to give a little incentive for showing love to each other. I filled a jar with marbles from the five-and-dime store (the Loving Reserves in the picture above). Each time I catch one of the children being loving to a sibling, he or she can move a marble over to the Loving Jar. When we fill the Loving Jar, we will reward ourselves with...something. Not yet sure what that will be. A trip for ice cream? A museum outing?

It has been sweet to watch the kids be "caught" at loving. Even Lucy got to move a marble over. A few mornings ago, she was snuggling with Theo and said, out of the blue, "Theo, I'm sorry I called you a weirdo yesterday." Theo forgave her. The Lord at work in the conscience of a three-year-old.

What works for you? How can we lead our children to love each other? The family is our main practice arena for loving! We need all the help we can get. I need to remember that the Lord is willing and able.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.
I John 4:7

But Thou, O Lord, art a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth.
Psalm 89:15

Cutest Six-Year-Old Ever

Theo, our six-year-old, is just tugging at my heartstrings these days. He is just so darn cute. He's about to lose his very first little tiny baby tooth, and he IS SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

For the past three nights since he discovered the loose tooth, he's been getting out of bed a few times to ask clarifying questions about the tooth fairy and what exactly will happen when this tooth comes out.

His older brothers will NOT play along with the tooth fairy idea, but I can tell that Theo wants to believe. When Theo asked if I was the tooth fairy, I said, "Theo, do I look like a fairy to you? Do I have wings? Can I fly around? Do I have a wand? Didn't think so." So now he knows that the tooth fairy comes and purchases baby teeth which she uses to build her castle. A castle made of tiny teeth!

Yesterday, when Theo asked how much the tooth fairy would leave him, I said I wasn't sure how much teeth were going for these days. He disappeared to ask one of the other brothers, and returned to report that he thinks he should get $250 so that he can buy an DS (video game system). Nice try.

This morning, his tooth is VERY wiggly and he can just hardly contain his glee. It might come out at school! Yesterday two of his classmates lost teeth AT SCHOOL. Today could be his day!