Unwarranted Snow Day

We're all inside this morning, watching a snow storm outside. School's been canceled today, though I don't think it's warranted. The snow is predicted to turn to rain later in the afternoon.

Clayton was actually a little disappointed to miss school, as he was to have a field trip and Roman feast today. John asked if a vomitorium was going to be a part of the Roman feast. I don't think they studied that part of Roman culture, as Clay just gave John a funny look.

Lucy just had a soft boiled egg for second breakfast, and is now crunching the shell. Is that bad for her? I'd better go google that. She says it is yummy, but I can hardly stand to hear the crunch. It gives me the willies.

Plans for the day? I need to complete the financial aid application for school, do my lesson plan for tomorrow and bake some bread. A snow day is a good baking day.


  1. Having taken seven semesters of Latin throughout high school and college, I must say I'm glad that they left out the vomitorium in your child(ren)'s studies. It's disgusting.

    As far as Lucy eating eggs, shell and all, I think it's fine. Calcium does a body good, after all.


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