Fourth Photo Tag

Well, my lovely friend, Liz, has tagged me in this photo meme. Here goes.

Go to your photos on your computer. Select the fourth folder, then select the fourth photo, and post it along with an explanation.

This is Lucy last October at her great-grandparents' house in the Hill Country of Texas. We were in town for Uncle Derek's wedding, and had a great morning of visiting with Memaw and Granddad (I NEVER know how to spell Memaw!!! Can any of you Texans help me out?).

Memaw and Granddad are John's maternal grandparents, and are the sweetest Christian couple you could ever hope to meet. They were married on July 4, 1940. Granddad was a navigator over Europe in WWII. Memaw owned a dress shop when their three girls were young, so while they might not have had much money, the girls were always well-dressed!

The little red chair in the picture belonged to John's mother and sisters when they were young. So it was important to get a photo of all the kids in the chair. I think we managed to get all but Walter in the chair (he's getting too big!). I think that this day visiting with our family was one of the BEST things about our trip to Texas last fall. I am so grateful that our children (perhaps not Lucy) will have a memory of sitting at their great-grandparents' house, hearing their stories, and feeling their love.


  1. I don't know how to spell Memaw either, Derek always has to remind me. He said Stacy made it up when she was little, so maybe Lucy can help you...just a thought.


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