30 January 2009

Fourth Photo Tag

Well, my lovely friend, Liz, has tagged me in this photo meme. Here goes.

Go to your photos on your computer. Select the fourth folder, then select the fourth photo, and post it along with an explanation.

This is Lucy last October at her great-grandparents' house in the Hill Country of Texas. We were in town for Uncle Derek's wedding, and had a great morning of visiting with Memaw and Granddad (I NEVER know how to spell Memaw!!! Can any of you Texans help me out?).

Memaw and Granddad are John's maternal grandparents, and are the sweetest Christian couple you could ever hope to meet. They were married on July 4, 1940. Granddad was a navigator over Europe in WWII. Memaw owned a dress shop when their three girls were young, so while they might not have had much money, the girls were always well-dressed!

The little red chair in the picture belonged to John's mother and sisters when they were young. So it was important to get a photo of all the kids in the chair. I think we managed to get all but Walter in the chair (he's getting too big!). I think that this day visiting with our family was one of the BEST things about our trip to Texas last fall. I am so grateful that our children (perhaps not Lucy) will have a memory of sitting at their great-grandparents' house, hearing their stories, and feeling their love.

28 January 2009

Unwarranted Snow Day

We're all inside this morning, watching a snow storm outside. School's been canceled today, though I don't think it's warranted. The snow is predicted to turn to rain later in the afternoon.

Clayton was actually a little disappointed to miss school, as he was to have a field trip and Roman feast today. John asked if a vomitorium was going to be a part of the Roman feast. I don't think they studied that part of Roman culture, as Clay just gave John a funny look.

Lucy just had a soft boiled egg for second breakfast, and is now crunching the shell. Is that bad for her? I'd better go google that. She says it is yummy, but I can hardly stand to hear the crunch. It gives me the willies.

Plans for the day? I need to complete the financial aid application for school, do my lesson plan for tomorrow and bake some bread. A snow day is a good baking day.

24 January 2009

Signs of Winter

I'm discovering this year that I actually do like winter! It's fun to do activities in winter that are impossible at other times of the year [um, those are called seasons, Kit], like ice skating, sledding, ice chopping and shoveling. I'm not kidding, I really do like shoveling. Can you guess why?

It's because you can SEE the result of your efforts. Much of the work to which I am called and devoted (mothering, wife-ing, and teaching) show reward over time (LONG time). With shoveling and ice chopping (if you don't live in the North, did you even know that was an activity?!), you work and then you can point to what you have accomplished. I like that feeling.

This year I would like to get the boys out on skis. We have several mountains very close by from which we may choose. I'd also like to do snow shoeing at some point, as it requires very little equipment or preparation.

Here are some winter pictures for you. Our camera is not very cooperative, so please bear with the poor quality. Maybe we'll upgrade someday to an SLR. Until then, I'm doing the best I can with our little point-and-shoot.

This is the back of our house, looking toward the front yard.

Here is the cool mitten tree that my mom gave us for Christmas. It's PERFECT for drying wool mittens that cannot be put in the dryer. In case you don't know, wool mittens are THE best snow gear to have. They stay warm on the inside no matter how caked the outside becomes with snow.

This is the view from our bedroom, looking toward the skating rink in our neighbor's yard. It's a bit hard to make out. It's just on the other side of the play structure.

Here's the skating rink close up. I never realized how hard it is to take pictures in the snow...everything melts into itself with all that white everywhere.

Our new ice skate collection! I purchased these used. What you don't see are the adorable tiny white skates I got for Lucy. So cute.

Hope you and yours are enjoying whatever kinds of seasons you are having where you live!

21 January 2009


A few funnies from the last week that I don't want to forget:

Lucy put on a cape and told me she was going to be Super Lucy.
"That's great!" I replied.
She looked at me quizzically. "But," she asked, "how do I fly?"

Theo LOVES chili and I love to make chili in the winter. We have it almost every week. A while ago he told us he loves it because of "all the billions of spices". And, while eating chili this week, he remarked, "I'm thankful for my taste buds. AND boys have more taste buds than girls!" Touche, my young one.

13 January 2009


Happy New Year from the Caboodle!

Hope you have started off 2009 with joy and hope! I can hardly believe that we are about to stop saying "Two thousand" when we say the year...we're just about t0 the "Twentys" now! As in, next year we will say "Twenty Ten"!!

We had a wonderful break from school and work over the holidays, and now are solidly back into the swing of things.

I just thought I would highlight a few sweet things from the last several days.

1. Lucy had her first ballet class yesterday. She has been talking about ballet ever since Robin, Uncle Clay's girlfriend, visited and showed Lucy how to point and flex her feet, and walk with her arms over her head (what is that position called?). She was very excited, and glad that her friend, Mary Margaret, is also in the same class. Three-year-olds in leotards and tights...what a hoot!

2. While we were driving home from school last week, Lucy turned to Walter and asked, "Hey, Walter. Want to hold hands?" So they did. He is such a sweet and doting older brother.

3. Tonight Lucy took a bath...in her bathing suit. She also like to play "beauty salon" while she's in the bath when I wash her hair. She is SUCH a girly girl, I can hardly get over it!

4. Our next-door-neighbors flooded their backyard and made a skating rink! Today I went and bought used skates for everyone, including Lucy. Theo and Clay were troopers, enduring many falls and, I anticipate, many bruises! This evening, they skated for over two hours and improved so much in that time. Walter has had some reluctance to skate, as he has not done it very often and is therefore not good at it. But a neighbor boy convinced him to come out today, and now he is asking is we can go skating at the Frog Pond tomorrow after school! What a change of heart.

Anyway, our next door skating rink is a total blast! It really makes winter so much more fun, especially as I hear that Friday the high temperature is going to be in the single digits! Yikes!

Here's to a great new year pursuing the Lord and all to which He calls us!