31 August 2008

And the beat goes on

The songs are just coming non-stop here at our house. Here are some of the latest lyrics, courtesy of dear Lucy.

"There's thunder in my window
I have my fan
Because I'm safe
I have my friends
I love my jammies

Here's some blasphemy for you:
"I will praise my jammies"

And two more:

"It's ten o'clock
What time is it?
It's ten 0'clock
What time is it?

"I will not go to sleep with my dad and my mom
Because I don't want to
There's thunder in my window"

30 August 2008

Tap, tap...is this thing on?

Oh, hi. Is there some kind of a blog supposed to be going on here? Is someone supposed to be, y' know, WRITING something every now and then and, y'know, UPDATING people on the goings on of this household?

Oh, really? I'M supposed to be doing that? Oops.


Three posts in August. Pitiful.

Anyway, here is a report:

This week was Birthday Week in our house. Birthday Week is a short burst of birthdays in what we affectionately call Summer Birthday Season. Summer Birthday Season involves many cakes, guns, cheap party favors and candy.
We also have a Winter Birthday Season, but that one involves less guns and cheap party favors.

Summer Birthday Season (SBS) kicks off in mid-July with Clayton's birthday. This year he turned 8 while John and I were in London. While he had great celebrations with the Barnes' and with Tyler and Amanda (newly engaged! yeah!), we also had a party with a couple of his friends upon our return. It was a Celtics party and we decorated green and white T-shirts, ate cake and played basketball (inside because it was POURING rain). Here's a picture of some of the festivities. That cake can really serve so many functions (Kelly Sawyer!).

Six weeks later we have two birthdays back to back: first Theo, who turned 6, then Walter, who turned...TEN! Theo had a soccer birthday with four of his cute little friends. However, the party did happen to involve quite a bit of crying on Theo's part. It just goes right back to the old song: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, especially if you score a goal on me or if you whack the pinata harder than me and make all the candy fall out and then get more candy in your bag than I do. Then I'll really cry and have a fit." You know what I'm talking about.

Then came Walter's birthday, the big 1-0, double digits, a decade, all that crazy stuff. We wracked our brains for something really great to do, but in the end smaller was definitely better. John took our boys plus their two best buddies, Ben and Mac, to the batting cages. Then we had a small party with all the Barnes' and our friends, the Wascos. I think that Walter had a great day and that's what really counts.

As for me...WHEWW! Birthday Season is officially closed until November, when Winter Birthday Season (WBS) will open with a bang on the 8th (shout out to all my birthday buddies, Meghann, Kathryn and Nicole).

16 August 2008

Two more Lucy songs

Two more Lucy songs I don't want to forget:

"Because my baby [pronounced beh-beh] is so strong..." (sung at the top of her lungs from the stroller as we walked around Beacon Hill)

"Can you believe with me?"

This is what it means

...to be the mother of boys. I was reading aloud to the boys tonight in their room. One boy is snuggled up to me, nice and sweaty. One boy's face appears above me, upside down and sans shirt, as he peers down at me from his loft bed up above. The last boy is across the room from me, laser light from his Nerf gun trained on my head as I read. I was about to get really irritated and tell everyone to just lie down, quit goofing around, don't point that light at me, when something inside told me that this is what it is to be the mother of boys. They weren't being bad, and they all were really listening to our book. But this is what boys do. And I, as a "girl", need to let them be boys and make sure I'm not trying to turn them into little girls.
Oh boy, do I need wisdom.

On another note, my two week (plus) hiatus has been due to VBS at church (Lord, that was tiring); a week's trip to Maine with my mom and dad; and another week with my folks here at home. They returned home today. I hope it is not so long before I see them again. So now we're looking ahead to the last weeks of summer and the start of school. I plan to be posting more regularly and with pictures, too!