Our little girl turned three a few weeks ago, and in her honor, I will write this post in pink, her "favorite kind of color".

It's hard to believe that our littlest one is moving out of babyhood. She is completely potty-trained, becomes more and more independent every day. And yet, she still sleeps in her crib (she doesn't know she could climb out if she tried!) and is in love with her two pink "bitties" (blankies). She is a very girly girl who loves clothes, shoes, ballerinas, pink and purple, fixing her hair and singing.

As she lives in this house full of testosterone, she loves spending time with other girls. When my brother's girlfriend was here over Thanksgiving, she played ballet with Lucy and taught her some ballet moves. Lucy was in heaven! At church, we have lots of attentive female friends who shower Lucy with love. Our Lulu revels in all the girliness.

From a mother's view, it has been such a joy to have a girl. After having three wonderful boys, I did not realize what a different experience it would be to have a girl in the family. For John and me, we enjoy so much seeing her natural feminity come out and flourish. Of course, this does not mean she doesn't think it's fun to join with her brothers in the ubiquitous poop jokes. The girl can throw around the word "poop" like no one's business! But she'll do it with a giggle and a flounce in her step.

This year was Lucy's first really birthday party. We had three of Lucy's friends, in addition to their parents and brothers. I'm pretty sure it was the loudest birthday party to date. Oh my word, the shrieking and running. Our downstairs neighbor must have wondered what we were up to.

It was a very pink party. Here are the pictures to prove it. We're so glad you're three, Lucy!

Lucy and the "You are Special Today" plate

The Hello Kitty birthday cake made by me

That's a happy birthday smile! Lucy and her friend, Lucy A.

Opening presents

Lucy's fancy dress-up dress and dolly from her grandparents


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