17 December 2008

Conspiracy theory

SOMETHING or SOMEONE is conspiring against me. Really, I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy. Here's what I've done in the past week that leads me to this conclusion:

1. One week ago today, I lost my keys in Kohl's. I have a clear recollection of my keys being on the seat of the cart I was using. Then, after I checked out, they were gone. Not in purse, not in cart. I retraced my steps at least three times, looked under displays, asked the cashiers. No keys. They were in the store, then they weren't. John had to rent a Zipcar and bring me keys so I could pick up the kids...oh, and also so I could leave Kohl's and not have to live there. The keys have NEVER turned up.

2. Two days ago, I received a check in the mail. I was sitting in my car when I opened the envelope, removed the check, put it in my purse, went to the bank. No check. Not in purse, card, stack of mail, bank, driveway. As Lucy says when I ask her where something is, it's NOWHERE!

3. Last night I put some towels and jackets in the wash, including my orange parka. When I went to the dungeon to move items from wash to dryer, I heard a strange, suspicious clunking sound when I put my parka in the dryer. Hmmm. Open pocket, remove cell phone. It's really clean now. Also, it doesn't work.

I beg of you, do not entrust me with anything valuable. I fear for my children while they are in my care. I may lose them or break them, with this streak I'm on.

What in the name of all that is holy is happening?!?

P.S. Hey, I think I'll use that check I got in the mail to pay for the new cell...Never mind.


  1. KITTY.......I feel your pain!!! I dropped my cell in the toilet....(it did have a revival 4days later, after Joey did some surgery) .....I've lost 2 checks in the past week that total over $160. ......and I am also losing my mind with all the shopping, crafting, baking, wrapping, decorating, etc etc......last day of school tomorrow & then I will have the kids 24-7!!! YIKES!

  2. lolololol - i can empathize! these days i walk from one end of the house to the other only to wonder why i'm there, so i turn around and go back, suddenly realize what i was doing, go *back* to the other end of the house, wonder why i'm there...


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