Nordstrom Crack

It's finally happened. Nordstrom Rack has come to our fair (and by fair I mean liberal) state. Are you acquainted with the Nordstrom Rack? It is Nordstom's discount cousin, the place where last season's or overstocks go to be snatched up by the likes of discount shoppers like me.

It used to be, when John traveled for work, that he would stop into the Rack if he came across one (like Seattle...hello, three Nordstrom Racks in the metro area...we've been to them ALL). He always came away with great deals on shoes, clothes for the kids and fun treats for him and me.

It opened the day before my birthday and so John took me there for a little birthday shopping. Oooo, baby. Two words: shoe department.

Mind you, I had birthday money to burn. This was no regular clothes budget shopping trip. And I was smokin', because I came away with three pairs of boots, two by Franco Sarto (one of my favorite shoe labels, I've decided) and one by Cole Haan. Cole Haan! I'm not going to tell you exactly how much I paid, as that would be uncouth. But let me just say that it was a deal, especially for boots.

So my birthday money took me a long way at the Crack. You can guess why we call it that. IT'S ADDICTING! And once you've been there, you want to go back for more.

Here are my Crack finds to date. Keep in mind this place has only been open one month. Ha ha!

1. black patent leather ankle booties
2. grey suede boots with heel
3. red suede flats
4. Joe's Jeans that fit me PERFECTLY!
5. cute red sweater, long but with short sleeves
6. four long sleeved t-shirts for layering
7. grey-blue cabled cardigan
8. cream-colored coat with fun details at collar and hem
9. a watch by Fossil with a fun red face
10. beautiful brown leather boots by Cole Haan (which I returned, as I'm not sure I need another pair of brown boots. But they were so beautiful!)
11. Lucy's red patent leather birthday shoes

Hmmm, I'm noticing some themes: red, fun, boots. What does this say about me?

If you haven't heard yet, the Crack is at Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers. Call me and I'll go with you!


  1. Sometime I might have to check this out. When I do, I'll call. Matt's not into shopping. Thanks for the tip. Can't wait to see the new clothes/shoes.

  2. I wanna go with you!!!! I've only been to the Crack in Salt Lake City & Chicago......we NEED one in the ATL!! Show away my me proud!

  3. I just discovered the Crack in Danvers about 3 weeks ago...made off like a bandit with my Christmas money. I'll go back there with you anytime!


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