Live blogging with 7 kids

Our good friends are out of town for a few days, and we are taking care of their three children for a time...two days and two nights. They came home with us after church yesterday and will be picked up tomorrow around lunch time. These are the friends who had our FOUR children for five days while we went to London. So this is absolutely the least we can do for them!

Here is a summary of how it is going. Just one word: CHAOS.

Okay, so now that I've gotten that out, I'm going to try to keep you updated on what is really, actually happening around here. Today and tomorrow are days off school, so we're just...hanging around.

Let's back up to this morning.

6:45 a.m. Lucy and Louisa wake up and start chattering. Loudly. Ben comes in and whispers to them to whisper and be quiet because the boys are trying to sleep.

7 a.m. Walter comes in to ask if they can watch television. We say yes, then snuggle in our bed with Lucy for about 15 minutes. Louisa comes in to tell me how hungry she is (surprise, surprise!)

8 a.m. Television is turned off but not before Walter gives me attitude about it. Breakfast is on the table: cinnamon toast, bananas, Cheerios, juice, milk. There are requests for hot cider but we are all out. Ben REALLY wants something hot to drink so we make french vanilla tea with milk and sugar. Yummy. But it all remains undrunk (don't think that's a word) on the table. Hmmm.

9 a.m. Is it snack time yet? No, not yet. Lucy is crying about everything. Ben and Walter are off by themselves, reading. Clayton and Mac are making a fort in the living room and Theo is getting in fights and annoying everyone he can.

9:45 a.m. Is it snack time yet? Not yet...Boys come in from outside covered in sidewalk chalk. I insist they change. More attitude from Walter. Now is it snack time? NO...I mean, no, not yet. Let me get the dishes in the dishwasher. It should only take me about 45 minutes, with all the fights, crying, request for snacks, etc.

10: 41 Walter and Ben want to do things on their own, but of course all the other children want to join in. I had to stop the jumping into piles of pillows in the living room because of excessive screaming from the two youngest. Walter just told me I'm ruining all their fun. I'm sure I am. Am I being too strict? I know that they have a physical need to hurl their bodies against things, but there has got to be a line somewhere. Where do I draw it? Isn't this what the outdoors are for? I think we've got to get out of here. Walter just already asked for lunch. Do you think I can get them to all take naps?

That gets us up to date. I think I need to pull myself together, have a powwow with the tribe (it's a mixed tribe) and make a plan. We've got to get out of here! Jesus help.
More as it happens.


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