Let' s just hope it works.

Hello there and happy Election Day to you all!

As I mentioned previously, I have been sick.  And today I think I feel the beginnings of a sinus infection.  I really don't like to take antibiotics, so I'm doing everything I can to help my body fight off infection.  Of course, I don't think all the candy consumption since Halloween has helped at all.  Rats.

So here's my game plan.  Let's hope it works.

1.  Neti pot.  Do you know what this is?  It is a way of cleansing your nasal passages and comes from the yoga tradition.  All I know is that it feels like getting water up your nose.  But from past experience, it works.

2.  The most disgusting "tea" you will ever drink.  I can't remember who told me this concoction, but I turn to it when I need help fighting infection.  Squeeze a whole lemon into a large mug (strain out the pulp and seeds).  Mince one or two garlic cloves and put in the mug.  Add hot water.  Sweeten with honey as needed (you'll need a lot!).

Let me tell you, it is really not pleasant to drink.  And I'm sure I will scare off anyone within a fifteen foot radius with my garlic smells while I wait in line to vote.  But this, too, has helped get well naturally over the years.

If you have any other natural remedies, leave them in the comments.  I am SERIOUS about NOT taking antibiotics!

On another note, I can't wait to find out who our next president is going to be!  I think it is awesome that so many people are voting today.  No matter who wins, we should celebrate that we are free and safe to vote as we choose, and that so many people are choosing to exercise their voting rights this election year.  I'm planning on taking the whole family!


  1. I drink ginger tea.

    Take a piece of ginger with skin on it. Slice thinly. Put in water. Add whole black peppercorn. Boil on stove. Once slightly cool. Add honey to taste. I'm sure this tastes more pleasent than your garlic mix. Helps with my nasal passages.

    And of course --- homemade chicken soup. Throw a thigh, water, root veggies, bay leaf, salt and pepper in a pot. Boil. Simmer. All tasty and yummy. Drink broth like it's water.

    Those are my 2 natural recipes. :o)

    Hope you feel better!


  2. Thanks, Cat! I think I'll make some soup tonight.

  3. great thoughts on the electiion- neti pots work!

  4. I realize that I'm a little late with this comment, but here's a couple of my mom's recipes...which I still use and hate all at the same time.

    For cough and chest congestion: take the skin off of a chicken (thighs, legs, whatever you got will work) and fry it up on a skillet with chopped garlic cloves (2 or 3), fry until the chicken fat and garlic are essentially crisp and dark...ready for gross...wait until the liquified fat mix is cool enough to drink (actually tastes better if still a little warm) and take at least two spoonfuls (i shiver at the thought). Do this every six to eight hours, kinda like cough syrup. If you are congested, this will start to release the mucus causing the congestion, this also gross, but it works. For boys, this can be loogie heaven,,,gross!!!

    For cough & sore throat: a spoonful or two of honey and lemon juice mixed together. My mom used have this premixed all the time. I know it sounds good, but all that honey and citrus can be hard to swallow when your hurting.

    well, hope that will help next time...


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