Excuse me?

In the mornings, after all the men have gone off to school and work, Lucy and I sit at the kitchen table and eat our breakfasts.

Many days, she asks me to read the Bible to her, and I'll start reading whatever the day's passages are in my Daily Reading Bible (ESV, if you're interested).

Today she begged, "Can you please please please read the Bible to me?"

I'm not one to turn down an eager Bible listener, so I started right in on Ezekiel. I had read a few paragraphs when Lucy put up her little hand, closed it into a fist and said, "Beep! Time out! My turn!"

I just looked at her in shock for a minute, so she repeated, "Beep! Time out! Beep! Beep!"

I know I shouldn't encourage this, but I could not help laughing. I have no idea where she came up with this little method of interruption.


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