Texas My Texas

Okay, I know it's not really my Texas. I'm not from Texas. But John's mom (my dear mother-in-love) DID give me an Honorary Texan card when we got engaged. So maybe it is just a little bit my Texas.

We've been in Texas since last Tuesday for the wedding (and other related events) of John's brother, Derek, and his gorgeous bride, Luz. There is so much to tell, so I'm starting a Texas series today. We're going back to Boston in the morning...goodbye warm weather, swimming pools, Mexican food and Shiner Bock beer.


  1. My third son was born in Texas. He wants to be a cowboy historian and cactus farmer.

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  3. your mother in law sounds so sweet (texan, clearly). My Texas-born husband does not allow me any kind of honorary texan title even though I moved to Texas with my family at 8 months old and have lived here the rest of my life (except when we were in Boston). He does not buy the 'I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could' mentality at all.

    hope you had fun!

  4. Tulip Girl, a cactus farmer!? That is a boy after my own heart! I was raised in Tucson, AZ and I love me some cactus! I also love cowboys. What a great combination!


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