A Lucy interlude

We interrupt this Texas series to bring you some notes from Lucy:

Lucy to Mama: You cannot do dat, but you can have a meeting with me.

Mama to Lucy: Oh, I can have a meeting with you? When?

Lucy to Mama: Thursday or Friday.

Lately, everything that is in the future in on "Thursday or Friday" and everything that is in the past is "last year".

This morning on the way to school.

Mama (to no one in particular, groggily): I wish I had a coffee.

Lucy to Mama (quite cheerily): Sorry, Mama! Maybe later!

Christology by Lucy: "Jesus was a WEETY [really] brave guy! He was weety, weety brave."


  1. ha! i looooove the lucy posts!

  2. This totally brightened my day. Thanks!!

  3. ahh...thanks for sharing.. I love the little kid speak!:)


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