In a van down by the river

This trip to Texas was my first in several years. I'm pretty sure the last time I was there was for a family reunion in 2003, when Theo was just a baby not yet one year old! Of course, John has been back several times since then, but we have tended to visit as a family when his folks were at their place in New Mexico.

In the last several months, his parents sold their place in Texas, and instead of downsizing in the same area, they decided to purchase...wait for RV! They really don't enjoy flying very much, and this way they can easily travel between the Lone Star State and the Land of Enchantment and have their own place to stay.

Why am I telling you this and what does it have to do with the title of this post?

Up until now, we would have stayed with John's parents on a trip to Texas. But all 6 of us really wouldn't fit too comfortable in the RV, along with the parents and two dogs. So we stayed at the home of a friend of theirs: a beautiful home on the golf course, with four bathrooms (the BEST luxury for a family with one toilet), a swimming pool and huge TVs. It was gorgeous, so roomy and comfortable for all of us. Meanwhile, John's parents told us we could find them "in the RV park just over the bridge". Whaaa? We are staying in the beautiful lake house and they are "in the RV park just over the bridge"? Is this some kind of new world order?

*Bonus points for the reader who can tell where the title comes from! Just like before, fame and glory on my blog, read of tens of people every week (if I'm really lucky)!


  1. too easy! chris farley, snl.


  2. yeah, you're right that was too easy.
    But now the FAME and GLORY are ALL YOURS!!!!!!!!!

  3. no fair, i just got home but i knew the answer too!

    this post made me laugh because i can remember my grandparents owning a camper/RV when we were kids and we loooooved staying on that thing. it was like a little hotel on wheels! now i can't imagine staying in one unless it was brand new - then it would probably be nicer than my apartment.

  4. My grandparents had an RV, too!! It must be a grandparent thing to do. We thought it was the coolest thing ever...just like my kids do now!
    Hope 6 Flags was fun, Liz!


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