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Today I read a blog post written by my friend, Howard. Howard and John worked at the seminary together for years, and Howard's wife, Karen, was a good pal in seminary days and beyond. They have three boys, we have three boys. Their family provided staple guests at all our birthday parties and vice versa. Recently, they moved from the idyllic North Shore (read: homogeneous, big backyard, quiet streets and easy parking) to Manhattan so Howard can work at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. They're real city dwellers now, with a fourth floor walk-up AND Karen rides around the city on her scooter.  She's so cool.  Did I mention the three boys? They are brave!

ANYWAY. Read what Howard has to say here about waiting on and listening to God.  Read and be encouraged. He's an amazing writer.


  1. kit, thanks for sharing that. i know this family, and babysat for them a couple of time while at GCTS. those words were so encouraging, thanks for sharing

  2. gretchen, I forgot you knew the freemans! i really enjoy howard's blog


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