I think I must be almost famous

Someone famous commented on my blog.  


And what a thrilling post it was for her to read and comment on.  She must have been just BLOWN AWAY with my blogging skillz, my wit, my depth of insight.  Oh sheesh, how embarrassing.  Anyway, if you want to know who it was, look at the previous post.  And then start reading her blog, because she is stinkin' hilarious.  Unless you are easily offended and don't like decapitated Barbies.  Then don't read her blog 'cause you might get mad.

On another note, thinking about Martha Stewart (I tried not to think about her very long) reminded me of a very funny story of long ago.  A story that involves Martha Stewart and one very astute little boy.  The little boy's name rhymes with Salter.

Long ago, when this little boy was just a wee lad of perhaps three, he and I happened to watch a television show featuring dear old Martha making something in the kitchen.  Maybe it was cookies.  Or maybe it was Raspberry-Topped Chocolate Tartlets with Pecan Crusts.  Who can remember such things?  ANYWAYS.  This little boy may also have seen dear old Martha on the cover of a magazine, probably holding an elaborate leaf and acorn wreath.  Or maybe it was hand-knitted silverware dispenser.  WHO CAN REMEMBER SUCH THINGS?  And the astute little boy said the following:  "Poor Martha!  She has to get up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to make the cookies, and bake the cakes.  Poor Martha.  She is always making something..." and he proceeded to go on and on about all of poor Martha's labors.  Poor Martha indeed.


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