This is what it means be the mother of boys. I was reading aloud to the boys tonight in their room. One boy is snuggled up to me, nice and sweaty. One boy's face appears above me, upside down and sans shirt, as he peers down at me from his loft bed up above. The last boy is across the room from me, laser light from his Nerf gun trained on my head as I read. I was about to get really irritated and tell everyone to just lie down, quit goofing around, don't point that light at me, when something inside told me that this is what it is to be the mother of boys. They weren't being bad, and they all were really listening to our book. But this is what boys do. And I, as a "girl", need to let them be boys and make sure I'm not trying to turn them into little girls.
Oh boy, do I need wisdom.

On another note, my two week (plus) hiatus has been due to VBS at church (Lord, that was tiring); a week's trip to Maine with my mom and dad; and another week with my folks here at home. They returned home today. I hope it is not so long before I see them again. So now we're looking ahead to the last weeks of summer and the start of school. I plan to be posting more regularly and with pictures, too!


  1. I'm so glad you have the wisdom to realize it was "boy" behavior. :o)
    Super cute.

    Glad you're back and in one piece!!

  2. *L* I can TOTALLY picture that (and understand that!)

    Anyway. . . you asked about 10 y/o birthdays. For us, we actually DO have a tradition related to turning 10. Ten is when the boys each get their own "real" Bible. If your boys already have their own Bible, it may not have the same significance. For us, we've read aloud from the Bible to them or had them read portions in our Bible, but they haven't had their "own" Bible as children. (Personally, I just didn't want them to have free access to some of the more disturbing elements of the Bible until they were older and I knew that they'd bring their concerns to me.)

    For my oldest, we had a Johnny Cash-esque theme for 10 y/o. . . He got a Bible and a gun. (To be used when Daddy took him shooting on his cousin's land.) For our second oldest, he got a Bible and. . . *blush* I can't remember. But it was something that "fit" him well -- not a gun!

    Like you, I do think that 10 is an important milestone for our children. I'd really like to know what y'all end up doing.

    Grace and hope,

  3. Love the laser on your head as you read! Very fun!


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