Wee hours

London time is still with me. I was up this morning at 3:55 a.m. I'm sitting in the darkened kitchen, doing a few administrative things online, and now I'm about to plan out all the craft supplies I need to purchase today for VBS next week. Eek, it's a bit overwhelming.

But I am enjoying the quiet. A few minutes ago, a bird started practicing his song just outside the window. It's really lovely. By now the light is starting to come up a bit. It's very peaceful. I hope the lack of sleep doesn't catch up with me too early in the day.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Clayton's 8th birthday. We are having a small party, so I need to prepare for that today as well. He wants to play basketball at the park with his buddies. I hope that it doesn't rain on us, and I hope we can get enough friends there to really play. It's tough with the summer birthdays.

Yesterday was John's day off and we went to Wingaersheek Beach. I think that is my favorite beach. We climbed all over the rocks and found many clams, hermit crabs and a few sand dollars. As the tide came in, the water became deep enough for us to jump off the rocks into the (freezing!) water. Clayton was the first to discover this delight, and as he came bouncing up out of the water, the look of pure joy on his face made my heart leap. I still can't help but smile, remembering his expression. I think he discovered that not only was it fun to jump into water (we don't have much diving board experience), but it was thrilling to overcome a little bit of fear, and to do something BEFORE his big brother could do it! I love that sweet guy. I'm so thankful for him.


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