Lost treasure

I came across a curious receipt as I was straightening the kitchen a few days ago.  

[Imagine a picture is here, which there will be as soon as I can get my internet and my photo program to work AT THE SAME TIME.  Grrrr.]

Let me explain:

About a month ago, during the height of Little League season, the children and I were at a, guess what - baseball game.  Walter's team was playing, and the other three children were making use of the nearby playground.  Lucy, as usual, was parading back and forth between my baseball viewing position and the playground.  At some point, she asked to put on my necklace and I (stupidly) let her.  It was a silver necklace with a big turquoise and lapis pendant, something that John's parents gave me many years ago.  I wear it fairly often as it complements many outfits and it reminds me of my Southwestern roots.

So I put it on Lucy, thinking that I would make sure she stayed near me while wearing it.  Good move, Mom.  Because I, of course, was really watching the game, and not watching Lucy and at some point she scampered over to the playground.  Did I mention the sand pit that houses this playground?  And all the playing fields around the playground?

The game ended and I discovered that the necklace was no longer on Lucy's neck.  I questioned her about its whereabouts, to which she replied, "It's nowhere."  Oh shoot!  I probably spent about 2o minutes searching in the sand and the grass, and did manage to find the silver necklace portion lying in the grass.  But the pendant was still missing.

We went home, as it was getting dark, but I pledged to return in the morning to search some more.  But then I had a brilliant idea...a metal detector would make this a whole lot easier!  The pendant is backed in silver, so it could be detected by said detector.  So I called a rental place down the road, found out it would cost $22 to rent a metal detector for a few hours, decided the pendant was worth it to me, and went to rent one.

I totally felt like one of those nerdy people you see on the beach or at the park, with big head phones on and a fanny pack.  Only I didn't have a fanny pack or ear phones.  But I did feel pretty nerdy, walking around the fields, sweeping my metal detector over the ground, actually praying that God would help me find this thing.

And I found it!  There it was, face down, a bit muddy, under a clump of grass.  I gleefully walked home with my found treasure.  Then I let the boys play with the metal detector in the yard for a while before taking it back.  

Here's what I learned:
1.  DO NOT, even under threat of tantrum, give Lucy things that you are not willing to lose.  Why, oh, why haven't I learned this yet?  Probably the threat of tantrum.
2.  You can rent lots of cool and useful things at Taylor Rental.  Like a cotton candy machine.  Or a backhoe.  Or a wedding candelabra.  Or a metal detector.
3.  Metal detectors are fun, but they beep  A LOT.  And they can really help you find things. 


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