It's definitely summer...

when you're sweating in your own house, you hear the buzz of some one's lawn mower, you have all the shades drawn and you and your children are eating root beer floats instead of lunch.  Mmmmm.

Another sign of summer is that the boys all have summer cuts.  Last week I bought a clipper set and gave everyone haircuts.  I've been thinking for a while that I could save a good bit of money by giving the boys haircuts, but I never actually bit the bullet.  Last week we all went out to go to the barber.  First, we drove to my barber of choice, but they were closed for a two-week vacation.   We stopped at another barber along the road.  As soon as I walked in, with four children in tow, the lone barber said, "We don't do kids."  Okay, then.  As we drove back toward our house, I decided if the barber shop closest to our house (which I don't like), had a parking space near it, I would stop there.  No parking spot.

So we just kept on driving, to Bed, Bath and Beyond, used a coupon and came home with a clipper set.  Walter took it out of the package on the way home, and within five minutes, he said, "Okay, I think I have this thing figured out."  Typical.

So Clayton was the first guinea pig and it came out really well!  He ended up with the #2 clipper.  I trimmed Lucy's hair, gave Walter a #3 and the biggest change of all was cutting off Theo's long locks!  He looks so different without his long hair; I hardly recognize him.  We did give him a short haircut when he was about three, but I have always liked him with the long hair.  It just seemed to suit him.  But I have to say, he looks very handsome with his #8 (I didn't dare to go shorter!).

Oh, the best part of getting the clipper set?  It cost less to purchase it than it would have to get three haircuts at the barber.  It is well on its way to paying for itself!

Yep, it's definitely summer.


  1. We bit the bullet and purchased the clipper set last summer for Jesse. I now do both Jesse and Matt's haircuts...and they don't turn out that bad! Who would have thought! It does save a ton of money and time (we used to wait over an hour to get their haircuts at the barber!). Jesse is a number 4 on the bottom and 6 on the top and Matt is a number 4 on the bottom and I cut the top with scissors, so scary but now that I have the hang of it it isn't so bad (and his hair is thick enough you can't see the mistakes!). I just cut Jesse's tonight and Matt is in tomorrow night's slot. May be we should get one of those twirly things that barbers have outside their doors and make some money!

  2. Now I've got to get clippers of my own! Will is so excited about his new cut, I think this "style" is here to stay.


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