A day in Londontown and GUEST POST!

Today was our day off during the LEAP conference, so John and I have spent the day in London proper. In honor of the occasion, I am going to host my very first, inaugural, initial AND did I mention first, guest post! Here's John:

Trying to see London in a day is a pretty daunting task, but I think Kit and I have done pretty well. We did a little (very little) shopping in Oxford Circus, rode a double-decker down to Trafalgar Square, caught the free lunchtime concert at St. Martin-In-The-Fields church, walked all along the Thames, saw the Houses of Parliament and Westminster, visited the British Museum, ate at Nando's (shout out to Rick!), saw the Globe Theater, walked across Tower Bridge, and checked out (the outside of) The Tower of London (too expensive to go in!). But, of all the impressive things I have seen in this great city, the thing that impresses me most is...the McDonald's! First of all - there would be no guest-posting right now if it weren't for their free wi-fi (what else is free in London?), it is incredibly clean, and the decor is pretty stunning - big, bright lounge chairs, Wagamama-style communal tables, striking modern-art prints on the walls. What can I say? This beats the heck out of the McDonald's on Middlesex Turnpike where I take my kids on occasion. I have added a pic of Kit and me chillin' in their incredibly comfortable lounge chairs, just to give you some of the flavor.

That's all for now. Guest post: out!


  1. What a fun trip! And your eyebrows look fabulous! : )


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