American Idol?

Lucy is singing right now. She's holding up a book, as if she's reading it and here is what she is singing, with gusto:

"Glory, don't catch me. Glory, don't catch me. Glory you. People, all glory with me. Glory, don't say poo poo. Don't catch me again."

She uses the word "glory" in her singing A LOT. What does that mean?

Walter just walked in and said, "I hope she doesn't grow up to be some kind of singing performer."


  1. I've been a horrible commentor lately -- please forgive me. I got Google reader all set up so I read posts, but don't comment. Bad Cat!

    I made up all sorts of songs when I was little and my parents recorded them and played them back to me later... maybe you can do that and ask Lucy about Glory later?

  2. hahahahahahaha
    oh my gosh - glory don't catch me?! hahahahahah

  3. Hey! Hannah uses "Glory" quite a bit also. Funny!

    And if you have time, I "tagged" you on my blog....


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