Take me out to the ballgame...again!

I know you, my readers, I mean, reader, have been dying to know what HAPPENED with the baseball season.  Little League, that is.
It's been touch and go with the crazy weather we've been having.  One minute, it's not raining, then suddenly it's pouring, and ten minutes later, the sun comes out.  Makes it hard to know if you're going to have a baseball game.
Here's the scoop:
Theo:  Last game of the tee ball season a complete washout.  As in, tons of water suddenly pouring from the sky and people running for cover.  Even the team meeting, scheduled a day later to hand out trophies, was rained out.  Actually, hailed out.  TONIGHT, the meeting will happen (we hope).  It's all about the trophy.

Clayton:  Played the championship game against the Rockies.  They won!  It was very exciting, and Clayton had a great hit.  I think the score was 7-0.  I did feel sorry for the other team...not even one run.  Boo.  Also, Clayton's best friend, Mac, came out to watch the game.  What a treat.

Walter:  Played a huge and ferocious team on Sunday.  They were all so much bigger than our guys, and their pitcher was SMOKIN' the ball across the plate.  It seemed like our players were standing at the plate, knees knocking, terrified to take a swing.  This guy was faster than anyone they've yet come across.  Walter admitted to me later that he was pretty scared of that dude.  I wasn't at this game, but John was.  At first, we were getting killed, 7-0 or something like that.  Then we started to claw our way back!  I tell ya, these Red Sox are scrappy little guys!  Alas, the game was suddenly cut short by the aforementioned deluge.  The (kind of) funny part is that John, Walt and Walt's friend, Ben, were all at the game, but without the car.  I had it for shuttling the other boys to their games.  So when the skies opened up, they were stuck there in the rain, with no car for refuge.  Oops!  When I arrived, they were drenched to the skin.
ANYWAY, the upshot was that they had about one inning left and they planned on finishing it, to see who will advance.  Only problem is that it keeps pouring every afternoon!  So today, we will try again (third time) to finish this game and show that big bad team who's boss!  Right?!  Are you with me?!  They will pick up where they left off:  top of the 6th, Cubs are batting, bases loaded, 2 outs, score is 9-5 Cubs leading.  Oooo boy!  
If we win, we will play another game tonight.  Yippee!

Say a cheer for the Red Sox this afternoon!


  1. I think it is safe to say you have more that one reader - unless you were talking to me... in which case you might only have one. But I love it! :)


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