Summer Plans

I'm sitting here in the kitchen with two of the boys and we're going to make a list of things we want to do together this summer.  Walter and Clay are looking through their art work from the past year.  Theo is showing me his phonics notebook and Lucy is sitting somewhere singing "Jesus loves the little children of the world" at the top of her lungs.  Her version goes like this:  "Black and white and purple in the light, Jesus loves the little children of the world".  I love to see the boys looking over their work from the past year and taking note of how far they have come, and how much they have learned.  Walter was laughing to himself as he looked at what he did in the first math unit of fourth grade (so easy!!).
More on our first year at our new school later...

Here is our summertime wish list, in no particular order.  This is live blogging, people.  I'm writing it as I hear it.
1.  go to Canobie Lake Park
2.  go to Cape Cod (some friends from Theo's school offered us a week FOR FREE at their cabins in Yarmouth!!!)
3.  strawberry picking
4.  raspberry picking
5.  go to New Mexico (not happening this year, but we can still wish)
6.  blueberry picking
7.  go to Maine (planned for August with my mom and dad!)
8.  go to Museum of Science
9.  have playdates with the Barnes', the Griecis, Matthew Park, the Swaims, Carlos and Christopher, Calvin, and Hunter 
10.  go to the beach:  Singing Beach and Wingaersheek and Crane
11.  go to the Reservoir (got our tags a few weeks ago!)
12.  make home-made ice cream
13.  go to Spring Brook Park in Bedford
14.  ride bikes on the Minuteman Bike Path
15.  plan Clayton's birthday party for before our trip to London
16.  go to the Fourth of July parade in Manchester-by-the-Sea
17.  see Kung Fu Panda in the theatre
18.  go to Cherry Hill for ice cream
19.  go to a new beach
20.  make something crafty

And there you have it.  One of my goals is to not go crazy this summer, and to have some semblance of order and routine.  This is day two of summer vacation and so far, there's been no routine at all.  That's okay...a couple of days of just hanging out together is fine.  But I'm sure by tomorrow I and all of us will be ready for a *little* bit of structure.
Happy Summer, everyone!


  1. purple in the light!!!! LOL!!!! Meghann and I are laughing. That's awesome!

    Sounds like your summer is full of ice cream, berries and the beach - perfect!

  2. Oh how I miss Mass beaches and ice cream... there is nothing like it!

    Rob and Kimmy have been sleeping in our basement this week. : )


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