A prayer for today

Dear Lord,
I feel pulled with so many things that should get done today.  Chores, work, making food, playing with children...I'm having a hard time "doing the next thing".  There are so many next things!
Holy Spirit, please guide me.  Give me wisdom.  Help me hold on loosely and trust you.  I really struggle with procrastination and time wasting.  Please help me make wise choices, whether it is reading to my children and responding lovingly to them, or folding laundry and vacuuming or making necessary phone calls. 
Jesus, I am resting, resting, in the joy of what THOU art!


  1. Amen!

    I'm the queen of procrastiation too, especially house cleaning stuff, so I can relate. Maybe we can encourage eachother to get what we need to get done today?


  2. Cat: Love that idea! I'll do it if you'll do it...I'm doing okay, but still need to buckle down and do the stuff I don't want to do. Lord, give me grace!
    Jane!! You're moving! How is it going? I'm thinking of you!

  3. Kit - how's the list of things you don't want to do going?

    I'm not home yet... so I haven't started. But in the next 30 min I'm going to make a list of all the things I need to get done tonight. Be thinking of you!

  4. I could have prayed that EXACT prayer today. Maybe thats why I still haven't accomplished as much as I wanted to today...I didn't actually go through with it...the prayer, that is. :)


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