Let the games begin

*UPDATE*  Clayton's team won by a landslide (does that phrase work in sports, or only in elections?)!  So tomorrow they play again at 9:30 am.  Clayton had a couple of hits tonight.  Oh, and the game was almost called on account of a downpour that started just about ten minutes before game time.  There was thunder and lightning, but it all passed fairly quickly and we were able to play ball.  Which is good...I'm all for NO rescheduling, or this could go on ad infinitum.

Today the Little League playoffs begin!

As far as I understand, all the teams make the playoffs...so even if you have a terrible record, your team will make the playoffs, just in a lower bracket (as Clayton's coach put it, think NITS versus NCAAs in college basketball).  The games are single elimination, so if you win, you advance.  If you lose, your season is over.  
So today Clayton's team, the Lookouts, plays the Padres.  Clayton is excited about his because the last time they played this team, they killed them, 17-2.  That was the game in which Clayton was 6 for 6 batting, AND he knocked in 6 RBIs.  Wow!

Tomorrow, Walter has his first game of the playoffs.  He, too, is excited, as the team they are scheduled to play has a worse record than Walter's team (the Red Sox...lucky ducks!).  Walter absolutely LOVES baseball.  I think it appeals to him on many levels.  Not only is it physical, but it also requires good strategy and thinking skills.  One time after a practice, I asked him if he had had fun.  He replied, "Of course I had fun!  It's baseball!"  Silly mom, trix are for kids.

On another note, I just got Lucy out of her bed after her nap.  When I walked into her room, she reached out her arms to me and said, "I missed you!"  Such a sweet little thing.  Also, today she came into the kitchen with green marker all over her toes and her legs.  "I have nail polish, Mom!"  

I'll be sure to post the game results as they come in!


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