I'm baaaaack...

I'm sure everyone has stopped even checking my blog, as it has been a month and  half since I posted anything! 
The reason for my lack of posting?  Nothing has happened.  My life is just so dull and boring, nothing ever happens, no one ever says anything funny, we never go anywhere.  I just sit around and eat bonbons all day.  What is there to say?
Ha ha!  You know that's not true.  I have MANY things I would like to write about, not the least of which is my dad, in honor of Father's Day, which is tomorrow.  And I still want to write about the women's retreat back in April.  And the last days of school (just ended this week).  And baseball season (winding up in the next week or two).  And our impending trip to London (passport just arrived today!!).  And our dear friends from Uganda, who are visiting this month.  And how the taste of a mango instantaneously brought me back to my childhood summer vacations in Mexico.  And how I plan to be productive and happy this summer.
So - be on the lookout.  More posts to follow!


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