Extreme weather

Wow!  We just had the most severe rainstorm I think I have witnessed here in Boston.  It was raining every which way, water just pouring off the roofs.  Then it began to blow so hard that we could not even see out the windows!  They were just white sheets.  It was loud, loud, and Lucy began to cry.  The thunder was thundering and we scrambled to close all the windows!  In the boys' room, a huge puddle had blown in, almost to the door.  Poor Theo's bed is slightly damp. 
As it was dying down, we all sat down on the sofa to read.  I glanced behind me, into the yard, and exclaimed, "Is that a branch?!"
It was!  A HUGE branch from the oak tree in our yard had fallen onto the fence, crushing it.  Better call the landlords...
What excitement!  Normally in New England, we don't pay much attention when they mention "extreme weather" (unless it's winter and a nor'easter).  Guess this time they were right!


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