Dear Boston Celtics:

Dear Boston Celtics,

Congratulations!  You won the Championship series against your mortal enemy, the LA Lakers!  It was so exciting to watch, and you really killed them in Game 6.  I loved seeing the determination on your faces!  It was clear there was no way you were going to let this one get away.  One of my favorite comments came from Paul Pierce in Game 6, when asked how you were going to keep up the intensity into the second half.  Paul looked at the reporter and said, "It's the NBA Championship!  It's game 6 and we're playing the LA Lakers!  This is what we've been playing for all year!"  Duh!

It was hard for me to believe that I was actually rooting for the Celtics, having grown up as a Lakers fan, with my brother being the craziest Lakers fan on the planet.  We knew all the players back in the 80's, on both teams.  We loved Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, James Worthy and even Kurt Rambis.  We hated, with an undying hatred, Danny Ainge, Larry Bird, Robert Parrish, and Kevin McHale.  My brother would make signs and put them up around the family room while we watched Lakers games.  There could be no mocking or laughing surrounding anything having to do with the Lakers, upon penalty of my brother's wrath.  He even made up a blessing to say before dinner:  "God is great, God is the best, Lakers are leading in the West."

So now I find myself here in Boston, having lived here for 12 years this August.  To be honest, I am a fair weather fan.  I really didn't pay any attention to you before this season.  I just kind of always felt sorry for Paul Pierce, playing on such an, um, how shall we say it, less than stellar team all these years.

So this year, you had the Big Three: KG, Ray Allen and faithful, beloved Paul Pierce.  Plus Rajon Rondo, Eddie House and Big Baby.  And you lived up to all the hype!  An amazing season, an amazing record, and quite a turnaround.  Today is your victory parade and I know it will be a classic Boston-style celebration.

But you know what, Celtics?  I am tired.  I was glad on Tuesday night that it was over and now we could start going to bed at a reasonable time, after all those LATE games.  But then last night you had to be on David Letterman, and we HAD to see what you would say.  You were funny!  And happy, as you should be, and even actually humble, acknowledging the great Boston Celtic tradition and legacy.  So this morning, I am happy for you, happy for Boston, and happy that there are no more events I MUST see late at night.  The coffee, it is my friend today.  And many mornings in the past week.

Thanks, Celtics...for all the fun, the inspiration, and now, for the rest.

Your friend,


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