Were you wondering about me?

Whew, it's been a while since my last post! Though it's just been a little over two weeks, much has happened in the interim.

Two weekends ago was our Women's Retreat at church. As this year's organizer, I felt that things went really well. I had such great women helping me out that I really didn't worry about too much! Maybe this is typical, but things just seemed to go haywire at the last minute - people got sick and had to stay home, we lost small group leaders, travel times were longer than expected. It all worked out fine, but the Friday that I left was a little crazy. And I did worry about John and the children, as he had to get ready to preach as well as keep everyone fed and dressed. He did a great job, as usual, and had some help from good church friends who kept the kids for him. Thanks to Kurt who babysat ALL BY HIMSELF!!! And to Michael Kyes for braving seven children at his house for several hours (thought he did have his mother-in-law to help out). Amazing.

This past weekend I was in Atlanta for Arbonne's National Training Conference. I have many thoughts about the weekend, but overall it was great fun and very inspirational. I loved seeing my friend and sponsor, Weezie, up on the big stage as she won a great honor for her business success in 2007. Also, I enjoyed getting to know some of the impressive women on our team. The icing on the cake was staying at the Ritz! Oh, those beds are just heavenly. The bathrooms, the soaps, the towels, the sheets.

I also spent Saturday night and Sunday with my dear friend and college roommate, Lynette and her sweet husband, Joey and their three cuties. It was such fun to giggle like the old days. We took a quickie tour of our old stomping grounds at Emory, including our freshman dorm, Alabama Hall! We snuck in after some girls and explored. The main thing that struck me was that it smelled exactly the same as it did almost 20 years ago in 1988. Can you believe that I went to college 20 YEARS AGO?!? We also went in the student center (the DUC) and saw the place that John and I first met...almost 17 years ago. How can I be this old? I feel like I should still be about 22.

More on both those topics later, as I compose my thoughts.


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