Some things about Lucy that I don't want to forget:

WARNING: The following contains information about breast feeding. If this topic is too much for you, please scroll down. Thank you.

Lucy has officially weaned herself from nursing. I think the last time she nursed was maybe three weeks ago. We were in our bed in the early morning, and she wanted to nurse. So she began but after just a few seconds, she looked up and said, "It not working." She tried again, but in vain. "It not working." She wasn't upset, just matter of fact. And so an era ends. I was a tiny bit sad, but not that much. I loved it so much while it lasted. She nursed the longest of any of the children, past two years old.

Today she told me that she got a book from the "li-lah-bary". That must mean library.

Another thing she says that slays me: things don't scare her; they "scary" her.
"Mama, that bug scarried me." "That truck scarried me."

Yesterday, John rented a Zipcar in order to take his mom to the airport. Of course, all the children wanted to have a ride in it. Theo was the lucky one, as John dropped him at school on the way to the airport. But all day Lucy kept asking to have a ride in the "fit car".
"Pease, Mama? I have a ride in the fit car?" It was adorable. I just love mispronunciations.


  1. I would love to meet her! What a cutie. I forgot she and Peter are really close in age.

    Are you car-less living in the city? I will think of you when I put $50 of gas in the minivan tomorrow... : )


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