She's not heavy; she's my sister

Daylight Savings Time is really messing with my mind! Shoot, it's already 6:30 and we haven't eaten yet. And the children want to play outside until it's dark, which is much too late for a school night. I am thankful that the sun has been out the last few days, though Old Man Winter has not loosed his grip yet. It's great to see all the neighborhood children running around together again.

This evening, Theo and Clayton were outside playing and Walter was also on his way out for a quick run-around.
"Play outside, Mommy!" Lucy said. "Pease, Mommy!" Just yesterday we let her go outside with a brother as a guide and protector. She can see all the kids from our kitchen window and wants to be a part of it all.

Walter offered to take her outside with him. So he lead her to the kitchen door, went down the first two stairs and then turned to pick her up. Lucy stretched out her arms to him and he hoisted her onto his hip.

As he started down the stairs, Lucy turned back to me and said, happily, "Good brudder! Good brudder!"


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