Old Iranian practical joke?

My seeds are barely sprouting. I can say with confidence that there will be little to no grass in time for Easter. John said it's probably an old Iranian practical joke that they like to play on strangers: "Oh sure, just plant in soil and then water. You'll have grass in no time!"


  1. Kit - nice to see you blogging. Great idea. I've filled a fat 3-ring binder with a typed family journal since 1998, and it's fun to look back at the memorable-but-easily-forgotten moments with the children. Also FYI, I blog at hellonewman316.blogspot.com if you ever want to visit (it's mostly my weekly devotionals and links to articles I've written). Blessings to you & yo' family --- Phil

  2. Kit, check out my latest post. I tagged you! :)


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