Nostril ornament?

I'm considering getting my nose pierced. I've received positive feedback from a few women friends, and even John has said I should do it. Can you believe that? My husband thinks I should do it. I don't know why that shocks me so much.
I'm sorely tempted, but scared at the same time.


  1. I think any ornament on you would look cute, but do you really want to go thru the torture??

  2. Kerry, I know. I need to do some research on exactly how much torture is actually involved. A friend from church just got this done last weekend, so I need to catch up with her! Ha!

  3. I would never do it because I just think it would look ridiculous on me, but I think you've got the look for it. As far as any torture being've had 4 kids, I think you could handle the physical discomfort. :)

  4. Kit, is this a joke? You are too beautiful to do that to yourself. I am sure you must be kidding.

    I'll love you, no matter what you do.

  5. What inspired your desire for a nostril piercing? Just the friend having it done? My mom's advice has always served me well: Sleep on big decisions for at least a week. If it still looks good, then it becomes a serious consideration.


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