Just a few moments from the last few days that I don't want to forget:

We were driving home from school and off in the distance, the sun came shining through the dark, cloud-filled sky. John pointed it out to the children.
"Oh wow!" said Walter. "It looks like heaven shining down!"
We all agreed.
He sighed deeply and said, "Sometimes life is so cool like that."
Yes, it is, Walt!

I love how children bring home random yet fascinating information. They just love NEW INFORMATION! Yesterday, again on the way home from school, Clayton asked, "Mom, do you think a giraffe looks like it can run very fast?" I said that it didn't look like it could.
"Well, it can. It can actually run about 30 miles per hour!"
I did not know that. And I am so glad that I do now!

I have some more thoughts to share about the gospel, but I've got to post those when I have a bit more time.

Tomorrow my grades are due in...AHHHHH! Not ready!!!
And it's time to register for baseball and T-ball...I guess springtime really will come eventually! A cold spring (as always), but a spring nonetheless!


  1. Keep blogging these happenings---they are great to read and so easy to forget if they are not written down. I am loving them.


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