Clayton's story

Today I had my second trimester conference with Clayton's teachers (Walter's teacher is tomorrow!) and they shared with me a story that Clayton wrote this week. I just had to post it here, because it had us all in stitches.
The whole class had the same prompt, which I put here in bold. The rest is Clayton's creation.

"I was walking through the Boston Common and met a leprechaun. He granted me three wishes. My first wish is that this would actually be happening. My second wish is that I would have a flat screen TV. My third wish is that I would have a Wii. Then I turned around and saw an alien with a laser gun. Sorry to stop the story but I have to talk to the scenery guy because the alien part was unexpected."

HA! The best part was that his BIG BROTHER, who is on his case all the time, genuinely laughed at this story and declared it hilarious. It is clear that he is greatly enjoying writing, especially when he can get others to laugh.

I told him, "Clayton, you are really getting to be a great writer!"
He replied, "Yeah, and a hysterical one."


  1. That IS hilarious! Maybe he'll have to take a turn posting on your blog :)

  2. That is definitely hilarious and very impressive for a youngster. My son is also very funny and the more I encourage him, the more confident he becomes in his humor. This is a great post.


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