Another moment...

Another car conversation:

Walter noticed all the litter along the side of the road and was incensed by it. He said, "What is this cruel, evil world coming to?!?"
And Clay replied, in his deadpan way, "An end."

Today I was pouring out Cheerios for Lucy (her favorite meal is "chee-yos and meeook") and I noticed something dark in the bag. Oh, I hope it's not something gross, I thought. This was the big box of Cheerios from Costco, so I was expecting no prize inside. I pawed through the Cheerios and pulled out...a Playmobil knight. Hmmm, who's hiding knights in the Cheerios? I have a good idea who and his name rhymes with Knalter.

I asked him about it later and he said, "Oh yeah, I was hiding it from Theo." Creative!


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