Alright already!

Okay, so no one of my parents' generation thinks the nose piercing is a good idea. In fact, they are vehemently opposed and have threatened to disown me if I go through with it. Not really on that last one. But my dad and my mother-in-law have both said that they think there is no way to improve on my natural beauty, and of course I have to agree. Ha ha!

Point of clarification: I'm not talking about some nose ring that makes me look like a bull or goth teenager or something. I'm talking about a tiny little sparkle right in the crease of my nose. I think it is lovely...though apparently not very socially acceptable to some.

Anyway, I really wasn't spending much time thinking about it til the negative feedback. My soon-to-be sister-in-law (is that enough hyphens for ya?) said that one can find magnetic nose ornaments. Kind of like a try before you buy type of thing...

As my friend, Kathryn, would say, "Whatevs..."

All points duly taken. As you were.


  1. Personally, I love nose rings. I had one for a year and a half when I was in India and then when I was teaching in Lawrence. (Wore the loop for a while and then switched to the stud.) Matt won't let me put it back. :o(

    However - downsides to the stud: it keeps popping out and you have to push it back down; you can easily lose the stone (I think I finally got a silver ball so I wouldn't have to keep replacing it every other week or so); and it closes up really fast.

    If you do find the magnetic fake stud, let me know...


  2. Oooo, good points, Cat! I appreciate the feedback from someone who has actually experienced it. I kind of find it comforting that it closes quickly in case I have buyer's remorse! ;)
    Have a great day!


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