A snowy Saturday...

Lucy has been doing some important cleaning around the house yesterday and today. And she's been using some important and official cleaning materials. Last night, she came downstairs with a big wad of wipes in her hand and said, "I clean" and also, "My wipes." But it sounded like, "I keen" and "My yipes." I asked her what she was cleaning and she just restated, emphatically and with hand gestures, "I keen and...I keen." Well, okay, then.

This morning she came into the kitchen with a HUGE wad of toilet paper and proceeded to scrub the kitchen floor with it. "I keen," she said. The question is, should I toss that wad of toilet paper (it's *at least* half a roll), or wad it up and stick it back next to the roll? Hmmm...you decide.


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