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Christmas peace

Merry Christmas from the Caboodle and me

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T minus 43 hours and counting

Excuse me?


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Nordstrom Crack


Live blogging with 7 kids

More on idolatry...isn't this FUN?!???

Bitter water

Let' s just hope it works.

I got nothin'

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In a van down by the river

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It's all about the food

Texas My Texas

I want, I want, I need, I need


I think I must be almost famous

Martha, Martha, Martha

Meet my friend

The Alphabet 2008

We are girls

I love me some funny punctuation

My Book Stack


I should be in bed, but I'm here cryin'

The nominee

A trap

And the beat goes on

Tap, this thing on?

Two more Lucy songs

This is what it means

American Idol?

Wee hours


A day in Londontown and GUEST POST!

Not an Oreo, not a Nutter-Butter, not a chocolate chip...



To look at the queen?!

My job description

Lost treasure

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Independence Day 2008

Happy Birthday to Tata!

I am here!

A prayer for today

Take me out to the ballgame...again!

Children's Books to Soothe the Savage Beast (and I don't mean the child)