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Things you try to skip but you can't

This one is so easy. 

I almost wrote about doing Halloween, because this year I just about skipped it. We didn't carve pumpkins. We didn't decorate pumpkins. We didn't even buy pumpkins! Only one kid is going trick or treating, and I am not even taking her. We did buy candy to hand out, but the children have reported that it is "old man candy". Yesterday, I did hang up my one main Halloween decoration, which is a stuffed and glittery bat which I hang on the front porch. I also plugged in my orange Halloween lights and piled them on the front porch table -- couldn't even be bothered to try to hang them somewhere.

No, the thing I know that I must write about is washing my face before I go to sleep. 

I know that many, perhaps most, people skip this. You're tired! You'll wash it in the morning! How dirty can your face be, anyway? 

So many nights, I want to brush teeth and just get in bed. I don't want to wash my face. It's time consuming. You get all …

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